Collaboration Is Our Key to Success

TSC 401K provides rock-solid guidance to financial advisors of all specialties and levels of expertise. We believe that to provide the best possible experience for our clients, we need our services to complement and enhance the work of financial advisors. We are dedicated to being a valuable partner on your retirement plan team.
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The Benefits of Partnering with TSC 401K

Are you thinking about partnering with TSC 401K? Here is what you can expect when you work with our team.


We often hear from our financial advisors that they repeatedly work with us due to the level of consistency we offer to both them and their clients.


We’re in close contact with financial advisors. We want to keep them in the loop when problems arise and help them avoid any surprises.


Our experienced team has been helping business leaders and their financial advisors develop compliant and reliable retirement plans since 1966.


We understand that there is a wide variety of advisory experience in our industry, so we customize our approach based on their area of expertise.

Customer Service

Our team at TSC 401K values exceptional customer service and is committed to building long-term relationships with both financial advisors and the clients they serve.

Training & Support

TSC 401K offers training and support designed to keep advisors informed about developments in the retirement plan industry so they can better differentiate themselves from the competition.

We’re Dedicated to Enhancing Your Services

At TSC 401K, we genuinely want to be a partner with our client’s financial advisors so that they can receive the best service possible. Our focus is on providing expert plan administration, compliance, and consulting services.

When you combine your efforts with TSC 401K, you can be confident that your clients receive the most comprehensive retirement plan support available.

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