How do I benefit by selecting TSC as my third party administrator?

At TSC your plan will be serviced by a team of highly qualified professionals who have extensive training and retirement plan administration experience. We learn about your unique needs, goals, and circumstances to provide a customized plan designed to meet your specific objectives. Our approach to retirement plan administration is in the best interest of employers. Please contact us to learn more.

How do I benefit from having a retirement plan for my business?

A qualified plan is a means to attract and retain high quality employees. It also provides significant tax benefits to employers and employees by allowing them to make tax deductible contributions. Please contact us to design a plan for your goals.

What information am I required to provide to TSC at year-end?

We will provide a specific list of items that are needed for year-end testing and reporting. TSC makes it easy for you by providing a guided online year-end questionnaire and payroll data-ready census report. Through our partnerships with numerous payroll providers, your payroll provider may be able to provide this census information on your behalf.

What forms and notices do I need to provide to newly eligible employees?

The following items need to be provided to new enrollees 30 to 90 days before their enrollment date:

 • Applicable employee notices (e.g. Automatic Enrollment, Qualified Default Investment Alternative (QDIA), and Safe Harbor)

 • 404(a)(5) Participant Fee Disclosure

 • The Summary Plan Description (SPD)

 • Participant Election/Enrollment Form

 • Participant Beneficiary Form

Am I able to send participant disclosures by email?

You are able to provide disclosures to participants via email if the following are applicable:

 • Participants must be able to access email at a location where they are reasonably expected to perform their duties and
    access to company e-mail must be an integral part of those duties.

 • The employer must ensure the e-mail transmission results in actual receipt of the disclosure by use of a read receipt or some
  other confirmation.

 • The email must also include the significance of the disclosure and explain that participants have the right to request a paper

When do employee deferral contributions and loan payments need to be deposited?

Generally, employee deferral contributions and loan payments are due within seven business days following receipt or withholding by employers.

When do employer contributions need to be deposited?

Employer contributions that are allocated on the last day of the plan year do not need to be made until the business’ tax return is due plus any applicable extensions.

Can I exclude some of our employees from participating in the plan?

It may be possible to design your plan to exclude specific classes of employees or employees that work minimal hours provided that your plan satisfies certain coverage requirements each year.