Meet The Team

Gary Zurek

Gary Zurek
In addition to his executive leadership responsibilities, Gary is in charge of TSC’s Business Office. Soon after starting his career in accounting, Gary became involved in qualified plan consulting and administration. He joined TSC in 1987 as the Manager of its Plan Administration Department. In 1998 he took over as President of TSC when he and Mark Foster negotiated an ESOP acquisition of the company.  Gary studied Business Administration at the University of Minnesota.

Matthew H. Slyter

Matthew H. Slyter, QKA
Vice President of Operations
Matt is directly responsible for overseeing the Retirement Plan Services, Sales & Marketing, and Client Relations teams at TSC. Matt joined TSC in the fall of 1995 and has held the positions of Pension Administrator, Team Leader, and Director of Retirement Plan Administration before assuming his current role. Matt received his bachelor’s degree in International Business from Moorhead State University in 1994. Matt is a member of ASPPA and holds the Qualified 401(k) Administrator (QKA) designation.

Juhl Stoesz

Juhl Stoesz, J.D., APM
Vice President, Compliance and General Counsel
Juhl consults on client issues related to design, operation, and compliance of their retirement plans. He also provides internal technical support and training for TSC staff.  Prior to joining TSC’s Compliance Department in 2010, Juhl served as in-house legal counsel to an Arizona-based retirement plan recordkeeper and trust company. Juhl graduated from the University of Minnesota in 2002 and received his Juris Doctor (J.D.) degree from the University of North Dakota School of Law in 2007. Juhl is a member of ASPPA and holds the Affiliated Professional Member (APM) designation.

Jennifer Arntson-Schwientek

Jennifer Arntson-Schwientek
Relationship Manager and Retirement Plan Consultant
Jennifer and her Client Relations Team visit with plan sponsors and investment professionals to perform full plan compliance reviews, make recommendations on plan design, educate clients on the complexities of qualified retirement plans, and ensure that clients are receiving excellent service from TSC. She is also the Editor of the TSC Translator, TSC’s company newsletter. Jennifer joined TSC in 2007.  Having worked in retirement plan administration since 2002, Jennifer has in-depth insight in to the needs and challenges of employers sponsoring qualified retirement plans.
Jason Bolstad
Associate Vice President, Sales

Jason works closely with financial advisors to ensure that their clients have retirement plans that are customized to their needs, optimized to meet their goals, and compliant with the rules. Prior to joining TSC as a Pension Administrator in 2003, Jason worked for eight years as a structural engineer in Minnesota and Indiana. He has been a member of TSC’s Sales & Marketing Team since 2006. Jason graduated from North Dakota State University in 1995 with a bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering.


Greg Gerten, CPC
Associate Vice President, Sales

Greg works with financial advisors to help new and existing clients to establish customized retirement plans.  Greg’s uses his many years of experience to help business owners and plan fiduciaries make informed decisions regarding their retirement plans.  He joined TSC as a Pension Administrator in 1984 and he is now a part of the Sales & Marketing Team. Greg graduated from Mankato State University in 1984 with a bachelor’s degree in Accounting and Finance. Greg is a member of ASPPA and holds the Certified Pension Consultant (CPC) designation.

Business Office Team

Dean Schwientek – Director of IT Operations
John Berggren – Network Administrator
Martha Kennedy – HR & Business Office Coordinator
Barb Burke – HR/Business Office Assistant
Triva Jones – Assistant

Compliance Department

Juhl Stoesz, JD, APM – Vice President, Compliance and General Counsel
Holly Dayton – Retirement Plan Compliance Consultant
Andrea Gelhar, QPA, ERPA – Retirement Plan Compliance Consultant
Lisa Melberg, QPA – Retirement Plan Compliance Consultant

Sales & Marketing Team

Jason Bolstad – Associate Vice President, Sales
Robin Dahlberg – Plan Installation Consultant
Greg Gerten, CPC – Associate Vice President, Sales
Mike Gschwind – Internal Sales Consultant

Client Relations Team

Jennifer Arntson-Schwientek – Relationship Manager and Retirement Plan Consultant
Paul Erickson, CPC, QPA, QKA – Relationship Manager and Retirement Plan Consultant

Retirement Plan Services Teams

Melissa Slyter – Manager, Retirement Plan Consulting
Kathryn Hoppert – Retirement Plan Technician
Becky Fisher, QKA – Retirement Plan Administration Consultant
Kara Shupe – Retirement Plan Administration Consultant
Liz Derke – Retirement Plan Administration Consultant

Julianne Condiff – Manager, Retirement Plan Consulting
Alan Olson – Senior Retirement Plan Technician
Dennis Culhane – Retirement Plan Administration Consultant
Doris Conley – Retirement Plan Administration Consultant
Jason Krech – Retirement Plan Administration Consultant
Patty Stavlo – Retirement Plan Technician

Sherri Wichmann – Manager, Retirement Plan Consulting
George Abraham – Retirement Plan Administration Consultant
Kyra Benson – Retirement Plan Technician
Rob Lorenz-Mueller – Retirement Plan Administration Consultant

Karen Thompson, QPA, QKA – Manager, Retirement Plan Consulting
Chad Kemp – Retirement Plan Administration Consultant
Greg Lewinski – Retirement Plan Technician
Jessica Godfrey – Retirement Plan Technician
Megan Brekke – Retirement Plan Administration Consultant
Ruth Schoon – Retirement Plan Administration Consultant
Ryan Lupke, QKA – Retirement Plan Administration Consultant

David Wankel – Manager, Retirement Plan Consulting
Ashley Eickhoff – Retirement Plan Technician
Beth Sheppard – Retirement Plan Administration Consultant
Briana Dexter – Retirement Plan Administration Consultant
Laura Kasper, QPA, QKA – Retirement Plan Administration Consultant

Kelsey Larson – Manager, Retirement Plan Consulting
Aaron Solbrack – Retirement Plan Administration Consultant
Rachel Travers – Retirement Plan Administration Consultant
Luke von Busch – Retirement Plan Technician
Michele Wenck – Retirement Plan Administration Consultant
Sarah Batz – Retirement Plan Technician