TSC understands that fiduciary liability is an important consideration for employers who sponsor a qualified retirement plan. That is why we have developed the TSC 401(k) Health Check™. This tool helps employers and their financial advisors identify areas that can be improved in their plan(s) to help satisfy their primary fiduciary responsibility, which is to act solely for the benefit of Plan participants.

Focusing on participants’ retirement readiness is the most important thing a fiduciary can do to meet their fiduciary responsibilities. It’s also the cornerstone in making a plan successful. We’ve made the 401(k) Health Check™ easy by addressing four key factors that have significant impact on employees’ retirement readiness.

Key Factors That Impact Employees’ Retirement Readiness


  1. Plan Participation
    • What percentage of eligible employees are contributing?
  2. Contribution or Deferral Rates
    • What is the contribution rate of those who are contributing?
    • Are your employees setting retirement readiness goals?
  3. Quality of Investments/Recordkeeping Support
    • Are the investments offered to employees appropriate for achieving adequate retirement savings?
    • Does the recordkeeping platform have tools that educate employees about the plan and promote positive savings behavior to achieve retirement readiness?
  4. Quality of Investing
    • How are employees selecting and monitoring their individual investment selections?